Frequently Asked Questions About Animal Control

Posted on August 19th, 2007

Frequently asked Questions


City Of River Oaks Animal Control

817-626-1991 Ext. 333

Office hours: Mon-Fri 8 am to 4 pm


After hours issues may be reported to the Police Department at 817-626-1991 Ext. 301


Q: My pet is missing. What should I do?

A: The City of River Oaks works in conjunction with the City of Sansom Park to provide shelter services for stray or impounded animals. The Animal Shelter is located at: 2303 Beverly Hills Drive Fort Worth Texas 76114

If your pet is missing you should call the River Oaks Police Department at 817-626-1991 to see if your pet might have been impounded or picked up. If you would like to give your contact information and a description of your missing and/or found pet you may.

Q: Does my pet have to wear his/hers Tags All the Times?

A: Yes, if your pet gets out this is the easiest way for you to be notified. Additionally, River Oaks City Ordinance No. 537, Sec 3-7, (2) states "The owner of a dog/cat shall attach the metal tag to a collar or harness that is worn at all times by the animal."

Q: My pet was picked up by Animal Control. What do I do now?

A: You will need to come to the River Oaks Police Department at 4900 River Oaks Blvd. and pay the required fee(s) to obtain a release for your pet. The fees are: $35.00 impound fee plus $5.00 per day that the animal is confined up to a maximum of $50.00. You must also show proof of a current rabies vaccination and city license. If your pet has not been vaccinated within the last twelve (12) months and/or does not have a current city license, you may be issued a citation for the violations and be required to obtain the vaccination and city registration within five days.


Q: How long will you hold my pet?

A: The City of River Oaks holds impounded unclaimed animals for three (3) days ONLY.


Q: What about cats? Do they get picked up like dogs?

A: River Oaks Animal Control DOES NOT pick up cats as a general rule. The exceptions are: if the cat is sick, injured or has bitten someone then we will pick it up.

Q: If I feed the stray cats in my neighborhood, can I get a citation for anything?

A: Yes, even if you don't "own" the cats and you are feeding them you are technically Harboring or owning them. If the cats have not been vaccinated and/or licensed and you are feeding them you can receive a citation for each cat witnessed on the property for failure to vaccinate and/or license without proof of such vaccination or licensing. Owner and Harboring are defined as: Owner means any person, firm, corporation, association, partnership, or trust who has a property right or interest in an animal or who harbors an animal or who allows an animal to remain on a premise for a period of 72 hours or more. Harboring means the act of keeping and caring for an animal or providing a premise to which the animal returns for food, shelter, or care for a period of 72 hours. For more information about feral or stray cats please go to:


Q: I was bitten by an animal (or my pet bit someone). What should I do?

A: Call the River Oaks Police Department at 817-626-1991 to file a report. By State Law, ALL animal bites must be reported, and failure to report a bite could result in a citation being issued. All animals involved in a bite incident with a human MUST be quarantined or have the brain submitted to the Texas Department of Health laboratory in Austin for a rabies examination. We recommend that if you are involved in a bite incident, no matter how minor it may appear, that you contact your health care provider to determine what actions should be taken, then contact us within twenty-four (24) hours to file a report.


Q: I'm having a problem with "wild" animals. What can I do?

A: River Oaks Animal Control has live traps available for citizens to use if they are having problems with squirrels, possums, etc. We will also lend traps to citizens if they are having a problem with feral felines (cats). Contact the Police Department at 817-626-1991 for more information.


Q: How many animals or pets can I have?

A: Please check out City Ordinance #537, Animals and Fowl. This is the primary Animal Control Ordinance for River Oaks and will answer any questions you might have.

Q: Under what circumstances will Animal Control issue someone a citation?

A: Again, City Ordinance #537, Animals and Fowl contains this information. Briefly, Animal Control will issue citations for "Dog at Large", "No Rabies Vaccination", "No City License", "Too Many Animals Housed on Property", "Livestock Violations", "Noisy Animals", etc.

Q: What about the Low-Cost rabies vaccination that I see occasionally at the Fire Department or other locations in the city?

A: River Oaks Animal Control is not associated with these vaccination clinics that are held periodically in the city. They are done by private veterinarians.


Additional Information:

Did you know that the City of River Oaks requires that Every Dog and Cat that resides within the City Limits be Registered with them?  Did you know that the City of River Oaks also has a Leash Law?




(14) Running at Large means an animal not completely confined by a building,               cage, container, wall, leash, rope, chain, vehicle, or fence of sufficient construction to restrain the animal, whether on or off the owner’s premises.



(1) Required.  The owner of a dog/cat that is four months of age or older must register each dog/cat with the city.



(1) The annual registration fee for animals residing in River Oaks is as follows:

Animal Annual Registration Fee:

Dog/Cat $ 8.00

Dog/Cat Neutered/Spayed $ 3.00

Duplicate Tag $ 3.00

Livestock $ 5.00



(1) An animal can be impounded for any of the following reasons

(A) Dogs not wearing a current metal registration tag;

(H) Any animal found in violation of this ordinance.




(2) Citations. Any police officer, the animal control officer, ordinance officer, and the local rabies control officer shall have authority to issue citations for violation of the provisions of this chapter.


The Registration and tag can be purchased at the City Hall location at 4900 River Oaks Blvd. River Oaks, 76114. Please make sure you bring your rabies certificate with you when going to purchase the Registration. You will not be able to obtain the registration without the rabies certificate.



You may obtain a complete copy of the animal city ordinances online at or at the City Hall.



Once again, welcome to the City Of River Oaks!!



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